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All the same, it was a face he thought he knew, but the back of his mind was empty as to where or how. The man jumped into the hole still holding his end, making a muddy splash. As the box hit the bottom, with a vigorous leap and a scramble Tom was back standing on the edge of the hole, and he was aiming a pistol at the man now standing below him. And a sly man likes of you might bury something and want no one else the wiser. Take it from my hand if you dare come that close.

Tom carefully picked up the bag and opened it, making sure he kept the man well under observation.

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I will not be taking off my clothes. You can shoot me dead.

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An impasse, he calls it. You big bad man holding me up like you are?

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And your pants. There was no need for any of this. Tom decided it was time to go. He threw the pair of shoes in the back of the cart and then took the reins and put the horse in the way of an amble back to town. As he rode away he heard the crack of a shot, and a bullet whizzed past his right ear.

He put his head down and whipped the horse to a gallop. He thundered past the rood at the crossroads, and as he made the last turn approaching the town the rain had let up and there were first signs of light slipping craftily into the sky towards the east. He saw ahead of him Katie Jean waiting under the dripping arms of a sheltering beech. He brought the cart to a standstill and got out to sit beside her.

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I see your point. Thought I might want to get some practice at it. Kiss me, Katie. Those friends of mine were having their tricks. But there was this character, a Mr. You have a way of telling a story with the story left out.

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He gives you thirty dollars and a pair of shoes to dig him a hole just so he can fill it up again. X at all.

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  • Translated from the original Czech by Alex Zucker.

Or if there is I saw neither hide nor whisker of her this night. Kind of like an old girl I heard tell of named Cinderella. You know I have to be going.

I know who you are, Tom. I know you better than you know yourself. And you got it engraved. Why did you have to do it?


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I will keep this and hold it dear all my days. No more voyages after this. I promise you that. Oh, Katie, it seems the only time I love you is when I leave you. He left the horse and cart tied in front of the saloon, figuring Mr.

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X would be sure to find them there. Written by: Stephen J. Read by: Stephen J. Stacy Richardson is a microbiology graduate student at the University of Southern California, taking her final doctoral exams. In the middle of her "Quals," Stacy learns that her husband, head of the university's Microbiology Department, has "committed suicide" while on sabbatical at a super-secret bio-weapons lab known as the Devil's Workshop.

Meanwhile, two train-riding hobos, "Lucky" Cunningham and "Hollywood Mike," are traveling near Vanished Lake, Texas, where the newest generation of bio-weapons is secretly being tested. A bio-accident at Vanishing Lake turns the town into a living hell; one of the many casualties is Hollywood Mike, who, it turns out, is the son of egomaniacal, larger-than-life motion picture producer Buddy Brazil.

An unlikely trio, Stacy Richardson, Lucky Cunningham, and Buddy Brazil work to expose the horrific truth about the Devil's Workshop while trying to stop a gang of white supremacists from "detonating" the frightening new bio-weapon.