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The answer is one word: Discipline. Learn More.

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Order Now. Toll-Free: Here are three tips to help you navigate these difficult conversations: 1.


5 Tips for Navigating Difficult Conversations With Ease

Be Respectful When having a difficult conversation, it helps to be respectful to the individual you are addressing. In difficult conversations, mindfulness is especially useful.

Effective Communication

If mindfulness is about being open to new information, appreciation is about how to evaluate this new information. Appreciation is the other side of mindfulness. To understand how the two mind states work together, it helps first to understand the three essential meanings of the word "appreciate. Appreciation is a way of looking at the world in a way that focuses on "what's working here?

1. Make meetings a safe place

So why does this matter? In the workplace, the quickest way to shift to an appreciative mindset is to start recurring meetings with questions that prompt attendees to share their professional wins with the rest of the group.

If we are going to fully appreciate others, we have to get out of our own way long enough to communicate attentiveness and interest in what they're saying. Create concrete, positive goals that the conversation should work towards, all while maintaining a long-term perspective on the development of all parties involved with the conversation, and for the organization you all work for.

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Remember that your mindset will set the stage for your difficult conversation, and with practice each following conversation will be easier and more effective. C-Suite Advisory. Setting goals When having a difficult conversation, be clear on what your goal is for this conversation. Have you read?

We Have to Talk: A Step-By-Step Checklist for Difficult Conversations

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